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Lead Element Security is one of the leading security guard companies in Twyford, owned and operated by veterans, trained & time served security officers who are SIA approved security guards in Twyford RG10. This is more than a security brand, it is a truth that permeates our manned guards across Twyford & beyond. Our deep roots in the British Armed Forces are reflected not only in the background of our founders and managing partners but in the work of our security officers across Twyford, London & the UK in our extensive network of security guarding specialists.

Our security guarding services in Twyford can cater for any manner of security risk scenarios, including, but not limited to:

Lead Element Security only ever employs former military personnel and police officers for our security guard services in Twyford. This ensures the security officers that guard for you have the right temperament and experience to handle any awkward or developing situations, known to potentially turn ugly very quickly.

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Security Guarding Services Near Me Twyford RG10

Static Guards Twyford RG10

Static Guards Twyford RG10

Lead Element Security provides SIA qualified static guards in Twyford RG10. Our ex-British Armed Forces and former police personnel are fully trained, licensed, accredited and proficient in static security guarding for Twyford & beyond.

Security Patrolling Twyford RG10

Twyford RG10 Security Patrolling

Mobile Security Patrolling in Twyford RG10 is something that properties of any size in Twyford can benefit from. They are specifically meant to give you a regular physical security presence that acts as a deterrent, a prohibitive security measure.

Community Security Twyford RG10

Twyford RG10 Community Security

If you are looking to improve a business/residential area or housing estate in Twyford, you need a dynamic and effective local community security service in Twyford RG10 that will be the “Eyes and ears” of the community.

Event Security Twyford RG10

Event Security Guards Twyford RG10

Events in Twyford RG10 have crowds that require heightened security and awareness. Regardless of the size of event, a security presence is usually required, not just for the safety of performers and VIPs but to protect the public too.

Lead Element Security is the right company for your manned security in Twyford RG10

As an established manned guarding security company in Twyford RG10, we pride ourselves in the long term strong relationships we build with our local & national clients alike.

Our local clients in Twyford will benefit from Security Officers with a track record of integrity, often including high levels of security clearance. This integrity translates into qualities of professionalism and reliability.

  • Former British Armed Forces Security Guards
  • SIA trained, licensed & accredited
  • Extensive security & risk mitigation experience
  • We operate a trusted service in Twyford & nationally
  • Security Guarding across multiple sectors
  • Tailored security solutions in Twyford to suit
  • Security Guards in Twyford RG10 you can depend on
  • All our Security Officers are SIA licensed
  • UK Law and Regulations Compliant

Our manned guarding security company in Twyford delivers bespoke security for all individuals & organisations in Twyford RG10, across Greater London, the UK and beyond.

A security guarding company in Twyford RG10, available 7 days - 0118 467 4425

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