Testimonial 7

I write to endorse Lead Element Security, who provided private security to our village for the past 3 months. We found their support to be excellent; deterring both crime and antisocial behaviour. Like hundreds of other villages in England, we have suffered from the drastic police cuts and saw less and less of our local police, even to the point where the local PCSO has been continually drawn into the town 8 miles away. Whilst our village is a lovely idyllic place in the countryside, it occasionally suffers with antisocial behaviour as well as criminals, such as burglars, travelling out to rob our homes and outbuildings. Unfortunately, we could not always rely on a fast, if any, response from our nearest police station. We first explored other private security firms, but found the standard of officers provided to be low and they were not able to properly communicate with local residents. We have been highly impressed with the professionalism of the Lead Element team. Their Armed Forces background shines through in their professionalism and it is a classic case of getting what you pay for. We as a community are comfortable in recommending them to any residents association, parish council or other body wishing to bolster their security. Their conscientiousness and vigilance is no doubt a large part in the reduction of crime and antisocial behaviour in our village over the past 3 months.

Testimonial 6

Excellent company. I required some additional physical security measures for a short term task. Really great workforce from start to finish. Highly recommend them for future tasking.

Testimonial 5

I sought security advice from Lead Element Security, after a close family member wasn’t feeling secure in their home. Having spoken to them in person, I felt instantly reassured by how professional they were. Their advice was very straightforward and their prices were competitive as well. Highly recommended. Thank you guys. Really appreciated

Testimonial 4

Tasked Lead element to keep an eye on my unit as the industrial estate has terrible security. Very direct, very straight taking and robust security company.

Testimonial 3

I never thought we would need security for my business. I contacted Lead Element Security, because they were recommended to me and they’re fairly local too, not to mention how professional they are and their advise was very straightforward. Cheers Guys.

Testimonial 2

Security is priceless and so is peace of mind. This was exactly what I needed and Lead Element delivered in a professional reassuring way. I would highly recommend this company particularly if you require security for complex situations.

Testimonial 1

I had some security issues and spoke to the people at Lead Element security. Their professionalism and advice were excellent, I am now fully protected by the company and both myself and my business interests have never felt safer. Keep up the good work guys.