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Burglary is the fastest growing crime nationwide

We see criminals getting more organised and more violent when it comes to targeting homes for break-ins. The Christmas season closely followed by the Summer period are the peak periods for break-ins.

Criminals who seek out homes and vehicles to rob often target affluent areas. With London being home to the most expensive properties in the UK it is also a city experiencing an ever-increasing rate of burglaries, making residential security in London more important than ever. With major cuts to the police force, burglaries have once again become attractive for organised criminal gangs targeting the homes of London.

Assessing your security needs

Provided the right form of residential security requires a thorough security assessment of the neighbourhood and house.

At Lead Element Security Group we spend time understanding the security environment for each of our clients. We consider the general security environment of the residence, looking at the area as a whole and taking into account both current and historical trends in crime.

Every neighbourhood has specific strengths and vulnerabilities that need to be identified in order to determine the level of targeting it faces from criminal gangs. The proximity, prosperity and protection of your neighbour will also affect the security of your home. The close neighbourhoods surrounding the residence likewise should be evaluated, since crime can often spill over from other areas.

The layout of your street also plays a crucial role in security assessments. Streets with easy access to the neighbourhood from the outside could be attractive to criminals because they offer easy entry points and rapid escape routes after burglaries.

Criminals, looking to stake out houses undisturbed, often seek out residential areas with unkempt common spaces with overgrown trees and bushes, vacant lots or abandoned houses.

Lead Element Security Group will also evaluate the effectiveness and resources of local law enforcement and time for emergency response in the residential area. The police’s presence and likelihood of response, factors into the security considerations and needs for your home.

Security Services to keep you home safe

Today, alarm systems and CCTV are no longer enough to keep your home safe in London. A physical security presence is the number one deterrent for criminals.

Lead Element Security provides SIA-licensed, uniformed Mobile Patrol Officers in patrol vehicles to monitor your home or business. All our vehicles are equipped with CCTV and trackers capturing everything on our patrols. We provide random patrols at irregular hours, covering perimeters, access points and identified weak points.

Our Mobile Patrol Officers will conduct rapid response to alarm situations, conduct varied patrols of the exterior of homes, turning off non-essential lighting, checking and securing windows and doors, and resetting alarms if needed.

To find out more about how we can help keep your home or business safe with Mobile Patrol Units in combination with Physical Patrols, please contact us.