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Physical Patrol


Uniformed tactical patrolling is the most traditional and widely used form of patrol. Simply put it is a Security Officer physically visiting a client’s home or business to check on the premises.  Physical Patrolling involves checking a home, business or wider area to ensure that it is secure. Patrolling is traditionally needed during times of inactivity and non-occupation but can be during both day and night-time.


Physical patrols often occur randomly and at a set number of times during day and night. The random nature of these patrols reduces the possibility of the patrolling Security Officer being timed by criminals aiming to invade the premises.

At Lead Element Security, we believe the key to effective security patrols is communication with the client. We make sure to evaluate the home or business in need of security and in dialogue with our clients, we determine their level of security needs.


We will investigate the exterior of your property and any especially designated areas of concerns to you. Our aim of conducting foot patrol is deterrence.

£15 + VAT Per Patrol