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Patrolling is traditionally needed during times of inactivity and non-occupation but can often be required during both day and night-time.

Uniformed tactical patrolling is the most traditional and widely used form of manned security. Lead Element Security has a highly trained and fully qualified team providing a professional and reliable patrolling service for your residential or commercial site, when a visible presence is needed.

Should it happen that the security officer disturbs a criminal in the act, our team members are fully trained in conflict resolution. If they spot that a break-in has occurred, they are also trained in crime scene management, thereby ensuring any evidence is preserved for the police investigation.

We offer Physical and Mobile Patrols including patrolling with security dogs & handler, depending on the level of protection your property requires.

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Security Patrolling Services

Physical Patrols

Physical Patrolling involves checking a home, business or wider area to ensure that it is secure. Our main aim of conducting a foot patrol is as a deterrence - often the sight of a patrolling officer is enough to deter burglars from targeting or returning to your premises.

Physical patrols often occur randomly and at a set number of times during day and night. The random nature of these patrols reduces the possibility of the patrolling security officer being timed by criminals aiming to invade the premises.

Each time we visit the property, we will investigate the exterior and any specially designated areas of concern to you, to ensure nothing looks suspicious or out of place.

At Lead Element Security, we believe the key to effective security patrols is communication with the client. We make sure to evaluate the home or business in need of security and, in dialogue with our clients, we determine their level of security needs

Physical Patrol Security London

Mobile Patrols

Mobile Patrols are something that private homes or businesses of any size can benefit from. They are specifically meant to give you a regular physical security presence.

A security officer in a branded security vehicle will arrive at your site at 4-6 irregular times, day or night, and will conduct patrols at key points of your property to ensure it is secure. We also have trained security dogs and handlers if needed.

The security patrol will check vulnerable areas of your property and ensure your overall security is intact. Issues such as open windows or doors will be rectified instantly and a full report sent to the customer. This also enables facilities managers to address concerns with negligent employees and means they have clear evidence on hand should they need it.

Mobile Patrols are a more affordable option than static guards for regular checks, as the security officer will instead continue on to visit another customer’s site after your patrol.

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Why Lead Element Security is the right choice for your security patrolling

As an established security company, we pride ourselves in the long term strong relationships we build with our clients.

Our clients will benefit from Security Officers with a track record of integrity, often including high levels of security clearances. This integrity translates into qualities of professionalism and reliability.

  • We are all former British Armed Forces
  • Fully trained, licensed & accredited
  • Extensive security & risk mitigation experience
  • We operate nationally & internationally
  • Industry experience across multiple sectors
  • Tailored security solutions to suit all clients
  • High quality service you can depend on
  • All our Security Officers are SIA licensed
  • UK Law and Regulations Compliant

We put our emphasis in delivering a unique and cost effective security patrol solution to all our clients.

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Robert M. London

I sought security advice from Lead Element Security, after a close family member wasn’t feeling secure in their home. Having spoken to them in person, I felt instantly reassured by how professional they were. Their advice was very straightforward and their prices were competitive as well. Highly recommended. Thank you guys. Really appreciated

Robert M.

Chris, Essex

I had some security issues and spoke to the people at Lead Element security. Their professionalism and advice were excellent, I am now fully protected by the company and both myself and my business interests have never felt safer. Keep up the good work guys.


The Wahid Family

I never thought we would need security for my business. I contacted Lead Element Security, because they were recommended to me and they’re fairly local too, not to mention how professional they are and their advise was very straightforward. Cheers Guys.

The Wahid Family
Redbridge, Essex

K.E.W. London

Excellent company. I required some additional physical security measures for a short term task. Really great workforce from start to finish. Highly recommend them for future tasking.


J.M Central London

Security is priceless and so is peace of mind. This was exactly what I needed and Lead Element delivered in a professional reassuring way. I would highly recommend this company particularly if you require security for complex situations.

Central London

Mr G. Brentwood, Essex

Tasked Lead element to keep an eye on my unit as the industrial estate has terrible security. Very direct, very straight taking and robust security company.

Mr G.
Brentwood, Essex

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