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Mobile Patrols are something that private homes or businesses of any size can benefit from. They are specifically meant to give you a regular physical security presence at either your home or business.


A Security Officer in a branded security vehicle will arrive at your site at different times throughout the day or night and will conduct patrols at key points of your home, property or business to ensure it is secure.


The Security Officer will check vulnerable areas of your property and ensure your overall security is intact. Issues such as open windows or doors will be rectified instantly and a full report sent to the customer. This enables facilities managers to address concerns with negligent employees and means they have clear evidence on hand should they need it.


Should it happen that the Security Officer disturbs a criminal in the act, Security Officers at Lead Element Security are fully trained in conflict resolution. If they spot that a break-in has occurred, they are also trained in crime scene management, thereby ensuring any evidence is preserved for the police investigation.


Mobile Patrols are a more affordable option than static guards at your business site or home. While a static or manned guard will normally have a base at your site in which they will sit, patrolling periodically, with Mobile Patrols the Security Officer will instead continue on to visit another customer’s site after your patrol. This makes mobile patrols the most cost effective method of having your business regularly checked.


Lead Element Mobile Patrol Unit will conduct 4-6 Mobile Patrols at your place of business or home at irregular times, especially the quite hours.


Price starting from £150 + VAT PCM