Live-In Guardians For Vacant Properties

Hiring Live in Guardians or Security for a vacant property is a must, specially at a time when London remains in the midst of a housing shortage there are now over 22,000 homes sitting empty across the city. In a research carried out July 2019 this equates to £11. 7 billion worth of property currently vacant in London.

Reading and having to hear about just how overpriced London is, is nothing new, however as the number of those having to sleep rough in London is still debated as well as the availability of affordable housing failing to meet demand the sheer number of homes sitting empty and the cost of these properties is staggering.

Using data from the Department for Communities and Local Government as well as the Land Registry, the research was able to examine the number of empty homes that have sat vacant in each London borough for over 6 months, analysing this against the average property price in each area to calculate the cost of empty homes to the city.

Cost of Empty Homes in London Boroughs

  • Unsurprisingly, the London borough of Kensington and Chelsea had the highest value of property currently sat vacant, with almost £2 billion worth of empty homes. In total there were 1,399 empty homes in the borough which have sat vacant for longer than six months, the largest number of empty properties of all 33 London boroughs.
  • Camden ranked as the borough with the second highest in terms of value of property that currently sits vacant.  £967,789,876 worth of housing sits empty in the borough with 1,114 homes vacant, third highest overall.
  • Barking and Dagenham ranked second lowest in number of empty homes (110), only behind the smallest borough the City of London (48). Barking and Dagenham was also lowest in terms value of vacant property (£36,247,274) – No data from Land Registry on the average house price in the City of London.
  • Newham saw the biggest change in the number of empty homes year on year from 2015 to 2016 with 725 less empty homes in 2016 (593) compared to the year before 1,318.  Islington also saw positive movements of 454 less empty homes in 2016 compared to 2015. However the Borough of Harrow didn’t see such great figures, with the number of empty homes in the area rising from 97 in 2015 to 651 last year.  Enfield also saw a year on year increase of 268 from 817 in 2015 to 1,085 in 2016

An ever-growing number of buildings in the UK are standing empty and as a result get squatted and damaged every year.

If you are a property owner, your property is a valuable asset for you and we acknowledge this. Lead Element Security Group offer a Live-In Guardian/Security service. We can help you protect and preserve your property.

  • A valuable property unoccupied for weeks or even months is a key concern for many owners. There is a dread of leaving the property unattended only to return later to find it has been broken into, occupied by squatters or vandalised in your absence.
  • At Lead Element Security, we protect and preserve our clients’ property by residing at the property on a full time basis, reporting any threats or risks to the property from vandals, trespassers and squatters and reporting any issues in terms of leaks or broken windows which may affect the structural integrity and infrastructure of the property.
  • With Live-In Guardians you will also have someone to actively check for as well as report damage and wear and tear to your property on a continuous basis.

Three simple steps to get a Live-in Guardian/Security through Lead Element Security:

1. Call or get in touch online

We will need information about the property’s location, general state of repair, as well as whether you know the property will be unoccupied for the foreseeable future or only for a couple of months.

2. We make your property habitable for our Guardians.

We will make sure there are the necessary dedicated areas such as kitchens, showering and bathroom facilities as well as allocating accommodation areas for the Live-In Guardians/Security.

3. We find the perfect Live-In Guardian for your property

We only hire the most responsible and respectable Live-In Guardians/Security, ensuring your property is in safe and capable hands. We guarantee that your property is safe guarded and not left empty. And the moment you need to sell your property, rent in our to tenants or start renovations on it, just let us know and we will move our Live-In Guardians out.

To find out more about how we can help keep your properties safe with Live in Guarding or are you interested in Mobile Patrol Units in combination with Physical Patrols, please contact.

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