Keeping Safe in London

London is a fantastic city full of life and culture, beautiful parks and old pubs.

But it is also one of the world’s biggest cities and as such can be a dangerous city.  The city has seen a rise in home invasions, burglaries and theft.  There has also been a rise of stabbings and as of June the murder toll was 59 in London just this year.

There is no need to be afraid in London but there is a need to be alert and sensible and take the necessary precautions whether out and about or in the privacy of one’s home.

Street crime is often opportunistic and Lead Element Security Group can offer some simple advice to keeping safe on the streets of London and in your home.

Being safe on the streets – be assertive, aware and trust your instincts

It is important to be assertive and walk with confidence in public spaces. This will make you appear in control and much less vulnerable to opportunistic crime.

It is also important to be aware of your surroundings, to be able to read your environment. Being aware is easier if you look up instead of down at your phone and if you avoid listening to loud music or podcasts through headphones. Much street crime happens from thieves on two wheelers that ride up behind you and steal your bag

Keep your valuables including your mobile phone, wallet and jewellery hidden. Always keep a separate bit of cash somewhere else on you so, even if you are a victim of crime, you will always have enough money to get back to your home. A good rule of thumb is always to carry enough money to get a taxi or have a fully charged phone to order an Uber.

Try to avoid walking alone at night in places such as parks and side streets or any unfamiliar environment. If you do have to walk, stick to busy places where there is a lot of activity, CCTV and good lighting. If you feel unsafe in an environment you are in, trust you instincts and get away.

Keeping safe in your home – vigilant neighbours, good locks and private security

The houses in London are typically row or terrace houses with doors at the pavement. With houses like these it is easy for people – and opportunistic criminals – to see whether or not you are at home.

Many residents have lived in their neighbourhood for decades. A tight-knit neighbourhood can keep a lookout for each other, keep an extra eye out during holidays and they will know if something is not quite right.

Pay special attention to the main deadlock. Many houses experience break-ins when they forget to lock the main lock. Burglars will often use something as simple as a small sheet of plastic to open the door often simply relying on finding the weakest protected house in a row of houses or neighbourhood.

The installation of CCTV, home alarms or clearly visible signs out front informing that your house is protected and monitored by a private security company will often work as a deterrent on burglars.  Mobile Patrols in marked vehicles at random hours of the day and night in combination with Physical Patrols by licensed SIA officers will signal to any criminal targeting a house or neighbourhood that they would have more luck elsewhere.

Knowing that private security is only minutes away, can also serve to alleviate feelings of insecurity and anxiety over break-ins.

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