Home Security in London

To be relaxed and at peace in your home, you need peace of mind.

You need to know that what you value most—your home, your assets, and your family—are safe and secure from theft, burglary and vandalism. Lead Element Security Group will help you keep the inside and outside of your home safe.

Investing in home security has never been more important. Burglary is the fastest growing crime in the UK; especially London is experiencing a surge in burglaries from overseas criminal gangs targeting affluent houses and entire villages. The police have been experiencing cut backs and are facing other types of obligations such as fighting terrorism, leaving little to no time to responds to burglaries and home invasions. But by implementing simple security measures and allying yourself or your neighbourhood with a private security company, you can keep your home safe.

At Lead Element Security Group we recommend having multiple layers of security in place such as signs displaying the property being protected by a private security company, gates, fences or walls at the perimeter of your house followed by floodlights, CCTV, alarms and locks on doors and windows.

In addition we have listed some very practical and easy first steps for you to take to keep your home protected:

Alarm systems

It is a very good idea to invest in an alarm system for your home. Not only will it alert you and the neighbourhood that someone is attempting to break in, it has also been shown to have a deterrent effect on burglars in the first place. Especially opportunistic criminals will avoid attempting to break in to houses that signal that they have alarm systems in place. So if you have an alarm system it is also important that you display signs on the outside showing this.

And remember to use your alarm system all the time not just when you go away on holidays or weekends – good home security needs to be part of your daily routine.

Show off your security

Generally it is a very good idea to advertise the security measures you have put into place to protect your house. As with your alarm system, displaying signs around your property

showing that your home is being monitored and protected by a private security company or that you have CCTV in place, will help serve as a deterrent to would-be burglars.

…but don’t show off your valuables

We forget how much information can be gained from social media today. Social media pages such as Facebook and Instagram are often used as windows into your home, displaying the newest flat screen television you’ve bought, the art on your walls and the jewellery laying around.

The same logic applies to the outside of your house where discarded boxes of newly acquired goods can tempt the opportunistic burglar.

Be careful of convenience

We have all done it. Left the door open because we are just pooping down to the corner store or hiding the spare key outside under doormats or in pot plants by the front door for the kids when they come home from school. But when it comes to keeping your home safe attention is in the details. Criminal gangs are known to stake out houses before they commit burglaries, assessing weaknesses in houses and rhythms of families, so there is absolutely no need to make it any easier for them by leaving keys out for them.

Using your natural perimeter defences

If your house or property already has natural perimeter defences such as fences or gates, it is very important you utilise these. Remember to keep them locked that way they will serve as an extra barrier to your house and it will make it harder for criminals to both enter and exit your property unnoticed.

Mobile Patrols and Physical Patrols

Engaging a private Security Company can sometimes be the solution for total peace of mind. This decision is often reached after having already experienced a burglary or hearing stories of home invasions from friends or families.

At Lead Element Security Group we offer different Security Packages depending on your specific need. We know that constant, full time security can be too costly for most families and as an alternative we recommend Mobile Patrol Units in combination with Physical Patrols. Mobile Patrol Units are highly effective when you need to create a visual deterrent and it is also a more affordable alternative to having onsite presence.

Lead Element Security provides a SIA-licensed, uniformed Mobile Patrol Officer in a patrol vehicle to visit your home or business. All our vehicles are equipped with CCTV and trackers capturing everything on our patrols. We provide random patrols at irregular hours, covering perimeters, access points and identified weak points.

Our Mobile Patrol Officer will conduct rapid response to alarm situations, conduct varied patrols of the exterior of homes, turning off non-essential lighting, checking and securing windows and doors, and resetting alarms if needed.

To find out more about how we can help keep your home safe with Mobile Patrols and Physical Patrols, please contact us: