Crime Prevention in Rural Areas

The English countryside is a beautiful tranquil place to live and to have you business but rural areas present specific security challenges.

The remote nature of rural homes and businesses make them easy targets for criminals causing financial strain and significant worry to owners.

In July 2018 The National Rural Crime Survey published that 69% of farmers and business owners in rural areas had been victims of crime over the past 12 months.

Lead Element Security Group offers rural businesses and homes help to prevent such crime.

General Security

Lead Element Security Group can assist in improving your general security level. It is important to ensure you have an effective locking system on buildings, outbuildings and other property. Effective locking systems are deadbolts, padlocks and chains. This is a basic step to prevent opportunist crime.

Gates and strategically placed physical barriers such as fences will make it difficult for vehicles to enter and exit your property quickly. Burglar alarms with infra-red motion detection and security lighting in yards and driveways will both help to deter criminals, while also alert you to any unwanted people on your property.

Lead Element Security can assist in installing CCTV on your property, which can act as a deterrent and can also help with identifying criminals.

We also offer Mobile and Physical Patrol Units of your property at random hours which will serve as a strong deterrent against any criminals targeting the area. Our signs in front of your property signalling we monitor your property and the neighbouring area could also act as deterrence for criminals.


A significant problem for many rural homes and businesses is the problem of vandalism. Huge losses to farms are each year caused by thoughtless vandalism. It can be anything from broken windows to damaging property and may even result in arson.

Lead Element Security Group recommends installing or upgrading perimeter security features such as locked gates and fences in addition to security lights and CCTV. These security features will help deter vandalism on your property.


Vehicles, farm machinery and tools are expensive and necessary equipment. Make sure these are kept locked and out of sight when not in use. They should be stored in locked sheds when not in use and fitted with immobilisers such as hitch locks, wheel clamps or ground anchors for extra security.

Vehicles that are marked with the CESAR marking system, etched VIN numbers in the glassĀ and have a tracking device installed are less attractive for thieves.

Metal and diesel theft

Incidents of metal theft are closely linked to the demand and price of metal. In recent years farms and outbuildings in rural areas have experienced an increase in theft of metal. This type of crime is more often targeted rather than simply opportunistic.

Ways of avoiding such targeting would be to secure any scarp metal in secure buildings or containers and have access to the property be restricted and secured with perimeter features as mentioned above. Lead Element Security Group can provide advice on risk mitigation on your specific property.

As with metal, diesel theft is also on the rise. To help prevent theft, make sure you store fuel in a secure tank with a high-quality lock. Diesel dye is also an option, making your diesel traceable which will help serve as a deterrent for thieves.

To find out more about how we can help keep your home or business safe with Mobile Patrol Units in combination with Physical Patrols, please contact us