Corporate Security – Keeping Your Business Safe

Businesses today face a series of security risks, therefore employing Corporate Security and keeping your business and staff safe has never been more prevalent.

Threats can range from vandalism, to criminal damage and robbery to acts of terrorism.

Lead Element Security Group work with business owners and corporations to assess their security needs and advise appropriately to put the  necessary security measures into place.

Conducting a corporate security assessment

When conducting a security assessment of your business or corporation, Lead Element Security will initially take a thorough look at both the vulnerabilities you face and of the security measures you may already have in place. Here we are specifically looking to assess what potential threats your business is facing and the gaps in security.

Most corporations and businesses have three domains of assets, which require protection – that is people, property and information, and all 3 can benefit from corporate security and how it can keep your business safe.

Your people are assets

Therefore corporate security can enhance the productivity of your business, by ensuring your staff are safe, and you as the business owner are responsible for not only your employees but also anyone who enters on to your grounds.

This will include visitors, contractors, members of the local community and anyone else visiting your business. It is your responsibility to ensure the safety and security of these people.

You need to understand such elements as:

  • Are entrances and exits to your premises secure?
  • Ensure CCTV can monitor visitors and keep staff safe– and where are the blind spots?
  • Check policies are in place that set out what employees should do if they are confronted by an aggressive customer/colleague?
  • Are effective emergency evacuation plans in place – and are these effectively communicated to your people assets?
  • Do visitors required to sign into a logbook?
  • Are there an appropriate number of fire, first aid and health and safety trained staff on site?
  • Ensure all employees made to take basic fire, first aid and health and safety training?
  • Have staff been trained in how to securely lock your premises at the end of the day?
  • What is the average emergency response time in your area?
  • Are security alarms, fire alarms and CCTV systems regularly serviced and tested?

This is not a comprehensive list of questions. Depending on both the size, the exposure of your business, the location and area of operation, there are likely to be many more areas to factor in, when assessing this element of risk.

Your property assets comprise of your buildings, machinery, utilities, vehicles, stock, equipment, systems and any other physical entities owned by your business. It is quite often that criminals will target your property assets as opposed to your other assets.

This part of your risk assessment should ask things such as:

  • Are entrances and exits secure?
  • Do all  entrances and exits covered by CCTV?
  • Is security lighting in place and operational?
  • What items of plant and machinery properly secured to the floor?
  • Are property assets marked with unique identifiers – such as codes or inscriptions?
  • How secure are vehicles, locked after use and are keys stored in a secure safe until they’re next required
  • Is money regularly banked; removed from the premises overnight, at weekends and over holiday periods; and is banking carried out at random times?
  • Are you using a professional key-holding service?
  • How often are all sets of keys accounted for – and are those holding them trustworthy?
  • Are reporting processes in place so that employees can report any suspicious activity they see?
  • Do the security alarms, fire alarms and CCTV systems regularly serviced and tested?

It is important to remember that different types of businesses will have different property asset security requirements again depending on location, neighbourhood and exposure, corporate security for your business can be scaled up or down depending on budget and size of building.

Finally our information assets include computer systems, financial information, business information and any other potentially valuable data. Informational assets are increasing in value over the years.

Security measures in place should include both physical security measures and cyber-security measures, looking at measures such as:

  • How documents kept, in locked filing cabinets or safes?
  • Are employees aware that important documents must be safely stored before they leave work?
  • Make sure your staff  are using highly secure passwords – and do they change them every 30 days?
  • Ensure your staff aware that they must lock their computer whenever they’re not at their desk – even if only for a few minutes?
  • Important data should be backed up and stored in a secure, offsite location.
  • Do you have in place up-to-date, enterprise-grade cyber-security measures – including an antivirus and firewall?
  • Are employees complying with relevant data protection legislation – such as GDPR?
  • How current are security alarms, fire alarms and CCTV systems regularly serviced and tested?
  • Do you review your informational asset security policies at least once a year?

Lead Element Security Group Corporate Security Assessment

For some businesses and corporations, it is the right move enlisting a professional security provider. Lead Element Security Group deliver the following services:

  • Reception security
  • Access control
  • Health and safety
  • First aid
  • Physical intervention
  • Key holding Services
  • Emergency service liaison
  • Out of hours and overnight security
  • Mobile Patrols

Lead Element Security Group provides an effective visual against crime and act as a rapid response to any security issues that arise.

Premises which have a visible manned security presence are targeted less by criminals, and the presence of  guards greatly reduces the chances of criminals being successful.

Mobile Patrols

Strong visible deterrents are important when you want to keep your business safe from crime. Mobile Patrols in marked vehicles will provide a strong visual deterrent against crime.

Regular checks undertaken by uniformed security staff will be noticeable to any criminals checking out your premises, and signage from Lead Element Security informing intruders of the fact that your site is under surveillance will further decrease the chances of your property being targeted.

Internal patrols and key-holding services

Some businesses benefit from internal patrols being conducted,  at Lead Element Security our mobile security patrols are also able to monitor the interiors of buildings – we will check on any expensive equipment and valuables, patrol designated rooms, remove any hazards and ensure that emergency exit routes are properly maintained.

Clients Benefit

Many clients also benefit from our mobile security officers serving as key-holders. With a key holder duty, the mobile patrols will have the ability to access your business location at any time of the day or night which allows them to shut off alarms if they falsely alert, open up or close down your business and ensure that you always have access to a working set of keys.

Mobile CCTV

Should you business require so, Lead Element Security also offer mobile CCTV units operated by our mobile patrol staff.

To find out more about how we can help keep your business or corporation safe with a security assessment or Mobile Patrol Units in combination with Physical Patrols, please contact us.