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Close Protection (Bodyguards)

  • The role of a Close Protection Officer/Operative or is to primarily encompass the clients safety, and ensuring that at all times the highest standard of best practice is used. The Role of a CPO is more in depth than we are alluding to, however rest assured that all our CPO’s are highly trained and capable of carrying out their duties and making the clients life run as smooth as possible.
  • Our discerning clients often ask us for our opinions on what service to recommend for them, e.g overt presence or covert/discreet one, and we always match their requirements to the level of threat they are facing. We prefer to offer a discreet service that isn’t easily noticeable to the untrained eye, thus allowing our clients freedom of movement and flexibility

Our Close Protection packages and service are often supplemented and supported by:

  • Residential Security
  • Personal Medical Officer (Trained to Paramedic level).
  • Executive Security Driver
  • Back-Up Car