Close Protection Services in London

Celebrities, politicians, bankers, high-profile or wealthy people often enlist Close Protection services in London, when spending time in public or travelling to dangerous destinations.

Close Protection Officers (CPOs), or bodyguards, keep clients safe from unwanted attention or physical harm. They are responsible for assessing security measures and providing discreet surveillance.

Lead Element Security is a London based security Company, and offers Close Protection Services in London, and  the founding partners have themselves worked as Close Protection Officers for diplomats in international and hostile environments.

Trained Bodyguards

In recent years unpredictability in safety has been on the rise. Terrorist attacks, an increase in financially motivated kidnappings and armed robberies have changed the security landscape.

Threats are becoming more complex and more diverse and countries, communities and individuals are increasingly alert and cautious of threats to their safety.

More people are seeking the services of Close Protection Officers in instances of specific threats or when attending high-profile conferences, events or when travelling abroad.

Close Protection Officers

Close Protection officer or bodyguards are trained to mitigate both conventional and unconventional threats. In some instances, Close Protection Officers will work at their client’s home for long or short periods of time.

Clients might choose to employ Close Protection Officers to secure their property and remain close by at all the time. In other situations, Close Protection Officers might only be needed when there is a specific threat towards the individual or the family.

There will often be a need for researching the situation before conducting a risk assessment and working out the best plan for the specific client and situation.

Protective Driving

As part of the Close Protection Services, there will also be a need for a Security Driver, and individuals under threat are often the most vulnerable during movements and the vast majority of attacks take place during transit. especially in international hostile environments, road safety is one of the biggest concerns.

At Lead Element Security, we can also offer a Security Driver as part of our Close Protection Services with our London team. To find out more about our Close Protection Services and how we can keep you or your clients safe, please contact us: