Choosing The Right Security Company in 2019

UK Personal SecurityChoosing the right private security company for your business is an important decision but it is also a difficult one. It is vital that the security company is a company you feel truly comfortable with; you are in effect placing a lot of trust into their hands. Not only is it important that the private security company will provide the best possible service but it is also important that they listen and understand your specific needs and concerns.

At Lead Element Security Group we pride ourselves on the long term and strong relationships we build with our clients. Our clients range from high net worth individuals and private homeowners to business owners, gated communities, industrial sites and even whole villages.

Lead Element Security Group understands that our Security Officers will not only protect your business from criminals and vandals, their daily presence will also be part of your staff- and customers’ experience and as such there are some important points to consider:

Security Officers as a presence and deterrent

Visible security officers convey an image of safety. Their presence whether it stems from routine mobile patrols or static patrols, signals the likelihood of an immediate response in case of attempted crime and the possibility of acting as a point of contact to anyone who seeks assistance in an emergency.

The Security Officers’ presence on you premises, greeting employees and customers will signal a customer-friendly environment and will give the notion that both your staff and customers are appreciated and valued by your business.

Technological advancements and Artificial Intelligence are important features in today’s world, but we know from our clients that the actual physical presence of a Security Officer for advice, for interaction and for reporting potential threats is a very important and valuable part of making your staff feel safe. Also if customers can receive personable and physical recognition from Security officers, it will help individuals who perhaps feel lonely, or in need of a friendly face during a busy day.

Security Officers working with your employees

When it comes to preventing crime, your employees could be one of your best assets, if trained correctly. Lead Element Security Group can work with your employees creating employee guidelines, educating your staff in security measures and giving them a proper understanding of physical threats in the environment they work in every day.


Updated CCTV, alarm systems and mobile patrols are all areas that are import to security and which will contribute to making your customers and staff feel safe.

With CCTV you will be able to monitor remote locations at any time of day or night. Security Officers can assist in pointing out the best places to install the cameras by identifying places, which are difficult to monitor physically.

To find out more about how we can help keep your business safe with Security Officers, CCTV installations or Mobile Patrol Units in combination with Physical Patrols, please contact us.