Community Security, Essex

Current Client – Estate & Residential Security Essex


To secure private estate and its residents’ homes, vehicles, and person by combating Anti-social behaviour, theft, and burglaries.

Lead Element Security tendered for a contract to supply static guarding and mobile security to a private estate consisting of 220 homes, not all would be paying members.


  • High volume of foot and vehicle traffic
  • Multiple entrances and exits
  • High known crime spot, and targeted area/street
  • Anti-Social Behaviour
  • Vandalism


Lead Element Security to provide Static Security and Mobile Patrols of the Estate


  • Team of SIA Licenced Former British Armed Forces Security Officers providing 12H of Static Guarding, Foot Patrol and Mobile Patrol
  • Vehicle with High Visibility Security Logo
  • Dog Unit (when necessary)


A team of SIA Licenced Former British Armed Forces Security Officers to conduct the following tasks:

  • Maintaining vigilant overwatch by conducting Mobile Patrols of the whole Estate
  • First response to any residents requiring First Aid
  • Dealing with Anti-social behaviour, and moving them on
  • Act as Fire Marshal
  • Act as a Quick Reaction Force by foot or mobile to any developing incidents
  • Liaison with local community police officer

Experience & Qualification (in our current role)

  • SIA Licensed
  • Similar task in London
  • Fire Marshal (Warden)
  • Lone worker policy
  • Behavioural Detection Experience
  • Understanding of pattern of life